Online Registration

Creative Idea

Authorized Service Provider (ASP)

Registration and Stamp Department, Maharashtra State has authorize E-Registration of Leave and License documents at door step service is made available to the citizens on all days including Sundays and holidays. 

The Authorised Service Provider (ASP) will collect services charges for providing services at outlet and extra charges for home visits as per rates fixed by the department. 

The Authorised Service Provider (ASP) will give quality of services and will support the Citizens with all information’s.

If citizen is not able to do e-payment due to any reason, ASP will offer e-payment service to citizen. In e-payment service, agent of ASP will use online banking account designated by ASP to make the payments for stamp duty and registration fee through GRAS on the customer’s behalf and will collect the amount from customer and issues them the receipt for the same in soft copy.

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